Basketball Court Upgrades

Partners In Development refurbished the basketball court at Katombora, originally sponsored and built by our organization in 2005. The Katombora Basketball court was dreamed up by PID and officers at the Katombora Reformatory. It was built mainly to serve the reformatory but has been utilized by the local village school and the whole community.

In our recent refurbishment, we installed new metal basketball goals which are permanent posts instead of moveable goalposts. We also installed a fitness station created and installed including a ‘chinning bar’ adjacent to the court which is frequently used by the older students. On an ongoing basis Partners In Development takes donations of uniforms for the reformatory school as well as the local village school. We also provide donations of new basketballs and other sporting equipment.

In the past, we have hosted basketball camps for the local community at the court. The basketball court has become a center of activity for the schools as well as the local villages and has become almost a legend in the southern province of Zambia.