Working to Change Situations In Munyanya

Mary Livingstone, wife of Dr. David Livingstone, died on the Zambezi River in Mozambique in 1862 at Chupanga Village. A biographers says of her ‘She has no choices, only situations,’ describes her life in both Africa and in Europe.

When we arrived in Munyanya Village we discovered a community with few options for their families -they were victims of the situation. Munyanya Village is situated forty miles west of Livingstone, Zambia, home of beautiful Victoria Falls.

Working with local people we have been able to provide clean water, sanitation, primary health care and education which changed the local peoples’ situations.

  • Wells, water pumps and toilets have been provided. Such assistances address the problem of diarrhea and dehydration among the people.
  • Twenty-five treadle pumps were provided mostly for local women farmers along the Zambezi River. They now have beautiful gardens with abundance of vegetables that feeds their families and in addition, they are selling some of their produce for income.
  • Seeds, fertilizers and garden sprayers have been provided for the community farmers. Additionally, we provided nine plows and a team of oxen.
  • Our preschool continues with over 50 children in attendance. They are learning their letters and numbers as well as good hygiene habits.
  • Our sports programs consist of volleyball, netball, soccer (both females and males). Future plans are for basketball and a baseball program.
  • A literacy program and tutoring programs has been started.
  • Five (5) young girls have graduated from high school this year.
  • A hammer mill has been provided with the women in the village in charge of operations – this is now catering to the Munyanya Village and other villages. The women have started using this as an income generating activity – this serves to maintain the grinding mill.
  • Housing for families who were living in the open has now been built.
  • Food assistance was given to twenty-five (25) families due to the severe drought for the last two years.

As we were leaving Munyanya Village in October one of our friends said, “You people have changed situations here in the Village.” We know that situations can be changed when people get the resources they need.

With your continued support we will keep helping people have choices that will give hope for their family and community.