Our Accomplishments of 2016 — Made Possible by Generous Donors

The year 2016 has been exciting in Munyanya Village, in Southern Zambia. Your gifts have helped bring hope to hungry families and address issues of poverty, while seeking to build strong sustainable communities—through transforming relationships.

In 2016, your gifts have done the following:

  1. Opened the doors of education for over 100 students, by providing uniforms, shoes, polish, pencils, pens, crayons, text books, exercise books, math sets, dictionaries, library resources,  school  fees,  and transport to boarding schools that are six hours in the ‘bush’.
  2. Sanitary pads are being provided on a continued basis, where girls in rural areas miss up to 50 days of school annually because they cannot buy pads.
  3. Over 100 toothbrushes and tooth paste have been provided.
  4. Six toilets were constructed, where lack of toilets is one of the main reasons young girls drop out of school in developing countries.
  5. T-ball programs were started, in addition to our on-going basketball, volleyball, and netball programs.
  6. Our preschool building now has solar lighting, providing library and literacy opportunities at night.
  7. Corn meal, beans, peanut butter, fresh corn, tomatoes, onions, 500 pounds of seed corn, compound D, and 9 plows were provided for food security.
  8. Thirty treadle pumps were provided for women farmers along the Zambezi River. In developing countries, 43% of agricultural workers are women.
  9. Renovation of the local veterinarian clinic, which will address the public health issue of rabies and worms. Over 1,000 dogs are in the area, along with many other small animals. A Dip-Yank was built next to the veterinarian clinic.

Hope is all our children have, so please don’t forget them.

Please remember us for your end of year donations, and send your tax deductible gifts to:
Partners In Development, Ltd
c/o  Greg Toulson
112 12th Street SE
Washington, D.C 20003