Thirty Basketballs, Two Coaches and ONE HUNDRED CHILDREN!

  • Volunteer and Children

Happy Holidays from Livingstone, Zambia—the home of Victoria Falls. Near the Zambezi River, over 100 children came to play basketball. Kristen Jacob, from Lexington, Kentucky, along with Gorrette Mwape, one of our local students, taught the fundamentals of basketball to our children from the villages. The daily temperature was around 100 degrees (F), and training lasted four to five hours. One day was rained out, so Kristen helped build a toilet in Munyanya Village.

If you think you might be able to visit, you and your family want to be a part of bringing hope to children who have very little to hope for, please get in touch. Our children need help in Math, Science, English, Reading, and sports. In your free-time, you can visit Victoria Falls, and some of the best wildlife-viewing parks in the world.

All financial donations are welcome and are tax deductible!
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