What if there were no toilets?

  • Volunteers helping to build a toilet

‘International Toilet Day’ is a very important day, because one in ten people in the global community still have to defecate in the open. Going without access to a safe, clean toilet is serious indeed.

The Zambian Army has just been deployed due to a Cholera epidemic affecting the entire country. As a result, no one really knows when public schools will re-open. However, with your support, we have done all we can. Just before the holidays, we completed our eighth toilet in Munyanya Village.

Clean water, and good sanitation, are part of the first line of defense in the struggle to deal with Cholera, and other parasitic diseases. The community was called together to learn how to prevent Cholera. We have additionally installed washing stations, especially for the school children.

With your help, we will keep building toilets so families, and especially school children, may have access to clean water and safe toilets.