2018 Year in Review

  • Children gathering in the village

Please read our 2018 Annual Report for Partners In Development:

“There are people in the would so hungry, that God cannot appear to them, except in the form of bread.”
-Mahatma Gandhi

Today, children around the world continue to face devastating poverty—especially in Africa. Poverty is a killer, and we see it daily in Munyanya Village. We see the results of inadequate food, stunted growth, poor school performance, and a host of infectious diseases. Our children are faced with calamities like diarrhea, malaria and pneumonia. Children need to play and smile, and when not, we know they are ill.

This past year, your support continues to give hope to rural communities—the most neglected in Zambia. The following list is a few of the programs your gifts have made possible.

  • Over 200 people attended a Gender-Based Violence Seminar. This was done in partnership with National Legal AID Clinic For Women.
  • Over 200 people attended 24/October/2018 Independence Celebration, where we gave over 100 pairs of shoes to the children. Then, there was singing, dancing, racing and food for all.
  • The 50 acre Field of Hope is being developed, and planting will begin soon (corn, ground nuts, and cassava).
  • Seeds and fertilizer were bought for all families, providing for food security (if the rains are goods).
  • Our pre-school has over 40 students.
  • Four of our youth are in nursing school.
  • One of our students is in business College.
  • Sanitary pads were given to our students.
  • Nine volunteers came out and started our ‘doctor/nurse station’. We need $6,000.00 to put the roof on. The volunteers were from Kentucky and South Carolina.
  • Water system was installed, providing water to over 300 people. They no longer have to walk long distances to the Zambezi River, and fight with the crocodiles. The water taps are very near to their huts.
  • A running track was built, and the volunteers were the first to witness it being used.
  • Our nutrition program continues, with over 100 children taking part.
  • Two donkeys were purchased, from people deep in the ‘bush’. The donkeys needed care, but they are doing well, and they are strong workers.
  • We have built a dip tank for our animals.
  • Our first solar powered water pump was installed. We can now water up to 50 meters. The cost is $1,000.00.
  • We now have a computer for the children—old computers are being cleaned up and placed in the school. We hope to have at least 4 more soon.
  •  Our media center was just installed. The children now have TV, which provides educational programs.
  • The volunteers made a canoe trip to the Islands—out in the Zambezi River. They are hoping to provide help to these communities soon.
  • Our sports programs are going well: football (soccer), basketball, netball, T-ball, netball, volleyball, and running.
  •  Our school has been approved/registered by the District Education Board Secretary.
  •  Over 100 children are being sponsored in school.
  • 100 chairs have been given for six fellowships we work with.
  • Partners In Development was promoted in October, at the Lincoln Days’ Celebration, in Hodgenville, Kentucky.

Please remember our children. For many had no hope, until you, our friends and supporters, started to lift them up.

In gratitude for the children!  “In a hurry, for the children can’t wait.”

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