Baobab Eco-Center

This coming year, we will be building an eco-center in the trees which overlook the Zambezi Plain to the Zambezi River, where Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia all meet. Through this place of education and retreat, local students and international visitors will be offered educational experiences related to the the environment and local eco-system. Areas of study and activities will include:

  • Lessons on history and culture of Central and Southern Africa, including ways of life and belief systems related to the natural environment
  • Discussion of ethical treatment of living things
  • Instruction on local farming and food growing
  • Leisure activities such as bird watching, hiking in the forest, canoeing, camp fires in the evenings and photography

The Eco-Center is intended to be a place of relaxation, harmony and being at ease in nature. We envision it being a place of contemplation, reflection, listening and learning.

For visitors from outside of Zambia, the Center will also offer culture experiences in the local village, canoe trips on the Zambezi River, local music, village walks, discussions on climate change and history of central and southern Africa and even project work with local village people.