Partners In Development addresses health issues through education and training, and by providing medical resources such as medical supplies and support in building facilities. Another aspect of addressing issues of health is through providing healthy water sources.

Farmer with crops

Members of the community pulled together with great effort in both building projects, bringing income to the community and providing better health care options to many villages.

We also provide resources such as medical supplies and work with communities to build health facilities. Of our past major accomplishments, we built a full maternity clinic and renovated an existing health clinic for an community in southern Zambia. The outcome of this project improved the health and lives of thousands of individuals and families who originally had access to only a small four-room clinic. One leader of that community called it “a dream come true.”

Partners In Development addresses issues related to health through education and training. Past initiatives included an HIV/AIDS retreats, a symposium for health workers, various health-topic workshops and distribution of educational materials.

Our water-related projects provide water access for a healthy water supply. In these projects we support food security and agricultural development for more nutritional diets and thus health; therefore we consider our water security projects to be as much health-related as about water access.

“The greatest wealth is health.”- Virgil

Other facts and issues that we deal with related to health include:

  • Clinics may lack space, staff, tools and medicines to treat patients
  • Training in issues on prevention and treatment of illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, causes of diarrhea is important but not often enough addressed
  • In rural areas there is a lack of available transport to get to local clinics which can be many miles from a village
  • Over one-hundred thousand women die each year in child birth in sub-Saharan Africa due to inadequate access to health care options
  • The majority of people earn less than $1/day, so private and even public transport is cost prohibitive
  • HIV/AIDS is still a prominent crisis in most African countries and not seeing enough improvement

As with all of our projects, Partners In Development approaches projects in the area of health from a sustainable development perspective. Learn about our recent health care projects.