Hunger is a Terrible Thing

  • Some children who will benefit from the food aid

Many children in the village where we work spend their day battling hunger, food insecurity, and poverty. Hunger limits one’s life in a way that is difficult to describe because you are constantly thinking about getting food, keeping food and not knowing when you are going to eat next. It’s a vicious cycle. Hunger and poverty can take one’s childhood away.

We know that hungry children can’t learn in school if they feel sick, get distracted and start to fall behind due to lack of food. Many of the local preschool children have not been able to attend class as they do not have food to bring with them so parents have had to keep them at home.

Drought countries in our part of the world wreaking havoc among the most vulnerable, the poor. We have seen the weight loss in the people, especially the children. We have seen the depleted dams and the death of animals.

Thirty dollars a month will feed an extended family of up to ten persons, mostly children. Many are orphans and this helps them attend school. The thirty dollars will put into the hands of each family the following: Two bags of roller meal /corn meal 200lbs, over 4 lbs. of dried beans, over 4 lbs. peanut butter.  All food items above produced in Zambia. Please consider making a donation to provide money for food aid for these families in need.