Project Proposal: Borehole (Waterwell) in Munyanya Village

Project Proposal: Borehole (Waterwell) in Munyanya Village;
Location: Country of Zambia, Africa;
Village: Munyanya, Located 40 Miles West of Livingstone on the Zambezi River.

This well will provide clean water to 250 people in Munyanya Village. One of the main causes of death among the people, that we work with, is diarrheal diseases, resulting from contaminated water.

Funding for this well is $10,000.00. We have a gift of $2,400.00, so the remainder needed is $7,600.00.

Clean water is the beginning of everything! This price covers the drilling, casing, Mark II Pump, concrete base, and thirty-meters of ‘spill-way’.

Partners In Development has built a preschool in the Village providing education, tutoring for primary school students (grades 1-9), and literacy for adults. There is a need for volunteers to work in our sports and educational programs.

Please consider making a contribution.