A Day of Food and Celebration in the Village

We were able to sponsor and provide a big day of celebration in the Village. The management of Protea Hotel in Livingstone provided transportation for a community of orphans to travel to Munyanya Village and participate in a sports day with the Village children. This was a big event – it took the people’s minds away from the problems of the drought and food problems for just a few hours. All the people were able to have a meal together after the game. This was the ‘first ever’ game in the Munyanya Stadium!

Other contributions to the village include clothing, school supplies, building toilets and academic support. A group of women from South Carolina knitted sweaters and caps for kids in the village. When we distributed the sweaters and caps we gave each child a pencil, school exercise books, and  pens for school. We have already built five toilets in the village— needless to say more about the importance of toilets. Two of the female secondary students we sponsor are tutoring 20-25 preschool and primary school children each week day and helping with sports activities in the village.