Grinding Mill for Food and Income

We recently bought and helped install a grinding mill for Munyanya Village. We anticipate that the rains will come this year whereby people can grow corn to supply the staple food for next year. This grinding mill will also be a source of generating cash for the local people. In normal times women were carrying the corn in large tubs for about 10 miles to get the corn ground.

There are many other project in progress in the Munyanya village. We are presently building two toilets in the community, building a house for the grinding mill, building a volleyball court, buying educational books, paper, pencils, crayons and other teaching aids for the children in school before the new term. Presently there are 14 secondary school kids we are fully sponsoring in school – school fees, text books, uniforms and school shoes/socks, toiletries, etc. Additionally we are helping other children with school supplies when the funds allows.