Project Proposal: Forty Foot Seaworthy Container

Project Proposal: Forty Foot Seaworthy Container;
Location: Country of Zambia, Africa;
Village: Munyanya, Located 40 Miles West of Livingstone on the Zambezi River.

The container will be filled with educational materials for our preschool; primary school students (grades 1 – 9); and literacy program. In addition, supplies for our basketball, tee-ball, soccer, and volleyball programs will be shipped in the container.

Hand tools (non-electric) will be shipped for our rural building programs. Once the container arrives, it will become a library and school classroom. Funding needed is $25,000.00, which will cover the purchase and shipping from Milford, Ohio, to Livingstone, Zambia, Africa.

Partners In Development has built a preschool in the Village providing education, tutoring for primary school students (grades 1-9), and literacy for adults. There is a need for volunteers to work in our sports and educational programs.

Please consider making a contribution.