2020 Project List

“There can be no keener revelation of society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children” – Nelson Mandela

As we plan for our upcoming year of service and support for the amazing people, and the communities in need in southern Zambia, we want to share some of these ambitious plans. The following list outlines our goals for the new year.

Location: Munyanya Village; one hour west of Victoria Falls along the Zambezi River in Zambia Africa.
The needs are as follows:

  1. Basketball Court ($15,000)
  2. Baobab Eco-Center($10,000.00)
  3. Doctors/Nursing/Clinic (10,000)
  4. School uniforms ($50.00; x 100=$5,000)
  5. Nutrition Program ($1,000.00)
  6. Gender Based Violence seminar ($2,000)
  7. Solar water pump ($1,000)
  8. Soccer balls, Net balls, Volley Balls and pumps ($500.00)
  9. Solar for new classroom ($3,000.00)
  10. 50 Plastics chairs for pre-school and 1st grade ($500.00)
50 Plastics tables for pre-school and 1st grade ($1,000)
Scholarship for five(5) nursing students ($10,000)
  11. School dormitory for 18 students($15,000)
Field of Hope: 50 acres for Corn,
  12. Groundnuts and cassava seed, as food for orphans and widows ($2,000.00)
Sanitary pads ($500)
Field trip for 30 school children, plus 5 teachers, bus rental, lunch and fuel to Victoria falls, airport transfer, and the railroad/David Livingstone museum ($1,000)
  13. Bibles ($500)
Textbooks for children and the library ($1,000)
Blankets ($10.00 each)
  14. Toilets ($ 2,000)

Volunteer Opportunies:
Tutoring in Maths, Biology, English, Chemistry, Sports, career decision making and environmental education

Also we are looking to help in providing a Church building ($1,000) in the Macassar Township, Cape Town South Africa.

All donations are welcome and the people we work with send their love and appreciation for your thoughtfulness. Thank you for your continued support.

To make a tax-deductible contribution, please send your check to:
Partners In Development
Attn.: Mr. Greg Toulson
252 N. First Street
Hampton, VA 23664

Please specify if there is a specific item on our goals list you would like your donation to go toward.

More information on donations and volunteering can be found here.