Initiatives and Achievements in Education

  • Children playing at Munyanya Pre-School

If it is not about education, then why are we doing it? Your support the past year has supported over 100 children in school. One student received her four-year nursing degree, and one her business college degree. Additionally, two others are going into their third year of nursing college. Some of this past year’s achievements include:

  • Our pre-school now has over 40 children attending.
  • Sanitary pads continue to be provided for our students and community.
  • 50 Bibles were given to school children, as it is required for them to have a Bible for their religious education class.
  • Our sports programs continue, with football (soccer), basketball, netball, Tee-ball, volleyball, and track—all being supported.
  • Over 150 students attended a health-science and peer-pressure seminar.
  • The Media Center continues to give educational programs to the children.
  • Over 100 children are now being sponsored in school.


We are currently trying to make our efforts in 2020 as impactful, but can only do so with your continued support. Please contact us or send your tax-deductible donation to continue to make a difference.