Help the Village of Munyanya

In front of our eyes we are seeing a difference and hope from the new school building in the Munyanya village. But we need your help to continue to help the little ones of this community. What you can do to help? The following outlines the multitude of needs.

  • Our school building has no electricity, so we need someone to help us install solar;
  • We need twenty-five pre-school plastic tables. We can purchase them for $12 each;
  • We need school uniforms for fifty plus preschoolers;
  • We need alphabet, number, and coloring books for pre-school—ages 3-6;
  • We need school bags for pre-school and primary school children;
  • We need a net-ball and a basketball pole(s) and goal(s), which would be approximately $200 each, for the school children and surrounding community;
  • We need help in building an outside cement basketball court (cost $10,000) for the Munyanya Village (we are trying to help the village and community with sports activities);
  • We are in need of a grinding mill that will serve 700 to 800 persons. The local women will supervise the operations of the mill. Women, at present time, walk ten miles to have their corn ground at the nearest grinding mill. The women in the community will care for the mill, and will supervise its operations. This machine will be a diesel, air-cooled engine, and the cost includes a cement slab to anchor the engine. The roof will consist of RBI (something like zinc or tin) roof sheets, and will have plenty of air vents. Total cost will be $8,000.
  • We are also in need of a university sponsorship for our volunteer teacher to study in the USA. She is very deserving of the sponsorship, and the Nobel Peace Prize!
  • We need you to come and help teach pre-school, and tutor primary school children, teach literacy to adults and teenagers, and to also help with sports programs (see the ‘Coming to Livingstone’ document).

Please contact us if you are interested in a visit by our managing director and board members to your church, school, civic group, business group, etc., to speak about opportunities to be involved with us, and support the people in Munyanya Village.