Request for Food Aid

People in Munyanya Village are hungry. We have been supplying food stuffs to families with what little monetary resources we can come up with.  Children and adults alike are losing weight due to lack of food.  We can buy a bag of Roller Meal (coarsely ground corn meal, the staple food) and an 11 pound bag of dry beans for $20.00 which can feed a family of five. Since we have started this program over the last week it has given many people hope. We need your help in providing Food Aid to Munyanya Village.

The parents of children try to keep the kids coming to preschool, trying to keep things “normal” so as to keep their minds off the hunger pains – water helps a bit. Hunger is in every house. There are a few villagers who live near the Zambezi River and can use the treadle pumps which we are providing for farmers to water their  gardens.

We are asking our friends and supporters to send $20.00 to help with buying food for these families who are fighting a battle with hunger.