Drought and Need for Support

Rains in the southern part of Zambia were not sufficient in 2014 which caused major drought. People in the Kazungula Area had no rain so gardens perished. A few people who live near the river had a better opportunity with their gardens by being able to use treadle pumps, provided by PID.

At the present time children are malnourished and hunger abounds. The parents try to keep the children occupied and send the children to preschool each day, but it is difficult for them to concentrate on learning due to the hunger pains.  The drought has been going on for 2 years and has devastated many parts of the country. The domestic animals are also listless due to lack of food.

Recently Partners In Development received donations of money for Food Aid.  We are pleased to say that we have been able to buy food for one small village. When the truck drove up in the village the women started singing with happiness. Each family was given food— a 25 kilogram  of roller meal, 5 kilogram beans, and other food stuffs. As long as funds come in we will continue this food support.

Additionally we have provided hand plows, treadle pumps to pump water from the Zambezi River for watering gardens. The water from the treadle pump will also be used to wash clothes and many people will be able to use the water for personal use. We can only hope that the rains will come this year.